Dehash Industrial Group supports enthusiasts of pre-insulated canals for learning courses in Tehran and other cities.

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    Educational Courses for more services

    To ensure the accuracy of the estimation, design, construction and installation of ALP pre-insulated channels in accordance with the standards provided by the manufacturer, numerous training courses are held around the world by ALP representatives. Subsequently, the relevant courses in Iran were also organized by the Dehash Air Conditioning Company and at the end of each period a certificate of competence was issued to conduct the related activity.

    Some Certificates Obtained in the Alpine Antimicrobial System

    Mechanical resistance to standard UNI EN13403:2004
    Thermal conductivity and temperature coefficients according to standard UNI EN12667:2002
    Thermal conductivity coefficient after standard life test UNI EN13165:2006
    Air sealant conforms to standard UNI EN13403:2004
    Water vapor permeability according to UNI EN12086: 1999
    Contact food according to standard 1: 2003EN1186
    Italian Ministry of Health License No. M.D.n174of06.04.04
    Pressure resistance in accordance with UNI EN13403: 2004
    Acoustic and acoustic insulation properties according to Standard 3: 2006ISO140 1: 1997ISO717
    Salt resistance in accordance with ISO9227: 2006
    High Temperature Resistance Panel Length, Width and Thickness Specifications Compliant with UNI EN13403: 2004
    Channel resistance to positive and negative pressure in accordance with UNI EN14239: 2004
    Fire test features for Iran, US, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Yugoslavia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, England, Hungary

    Antimicrobial system certifications in accordance with Italian Ministry of Health guidelines
    Abrasion and heat effects on the antimicrobial properties of the panel in accordance with the standards:
    UNIT10560: 1996 And UNI EN ISO 3248: 2001
    Aurous Staphylococcus Antimicrobial Panels Effectiveness in Killing Bacteria Family
    Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Panels on Killing the Family of Bacteria
    Efficacy of antimicrobial panels in killing the bacterial family
    Candida albicans Efficacy of Antimicrobial Panels in Killing the Family of Fungi
    Aspergillus niger Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Panels in Killing the Family of Fungi
    Efficacy of Antimicrobial Panels in Killing the Family of Bacteria
    Salmonella choleraesuis Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Panels in Killing the Bacteria Family
    ALP Active Antimicrobial Properties of Profiles
    ALP Active Antimicrobial Fittings
    ALP Active Antimicrobial property of adhesives
    Efficacy of antimicrobial activity in working conditions and fresh air