Pre-insulated ductwork offers numerous benefits in comparison with insulated galvanised sheet steel and mineral fibre duct board ductwork systems. Benefits include, but are not limited to: 1.It is light-weight. Galvanised sheet steel ductwork can be heavy and require substantial support. Pre-insulated ductwork can be a fraction of the weight of galvanised sheet steel ducting. 2. Installing pre-insulated ductwork can save time. Pre-insulated ductwork is installed in a single-fix and negates the need for the for the manual lagging process of insulating the ductwork after it has been installed. 3.The installation can be less expensive. As the ductwork is comparatively lightweight and quicker to install, this can yield significant cost savings for the installer and / or contractor. 4. Pre-insulated ductwork can save space. As the ductwork does not need to be insulated, it can be installed flush to the ceiling. This can save up to 200 mm / 8" of space in the ceiling of a room. 5.The ductwork can be easily modified on-site. Pre-insulated ductwork can be cut and modified easily on-site, which can be useful particularly if the design of the building has unforeseen changes. 6. Low air leakage. Rates of air leakage can be reduced to a fraction of those typicsal of rectangular sheet metal ductwork. 7. Reduced energy usage and running costs Low ductwork air leakage can yield significant electrical consumption savings because of reduced heating and cooling loads, and fan energy usage. 8. Whole life cost saving Whole life cost saving for pre-insulated ductwork can be up to 20% over 30 years, compared with ductwork constructed from galvanised sheet steel and insulated with mineral fibre. 9. A fibre-free rigid insulation core The fibre-free rigid insulation core of pre-insulated ductwork minimizes the risk of loose fibres entering the airstream through the ductwork, since distributed air does not come into contact with an insulation that produces loose fibres.